CEO | Business Owner

As the founder of the company, Daniel Romero boasts a solid 15-year background in the construction industry. His career kicked off in the role of a taper, where he worked side by side with his father and brothers. Eager to broaden his skill set and foster growth, he delved into learning other trades, encompassing drywall, steel framing, and insulation. Daniel's character is characterized by an unwavering passion, boundless ambition, relentless dedication, and a keen sense of purpose, always striving to achieve his goals.


COO | Co-Owner

Stephanie, co-owner alongside her husband Daniel, brings a keen eye for detail to the business. Her unwavering support and leadership have been instrumental in the company's success. Known for her warmth and dedication, Stephanie fosters a culture of teamwork and excellence, driving the company towards new heights of achievement.

Mike Marshall

General Manager | Senior Estimator

Jimmy Romero

Senior Supervisor / Field Superintendent

Edgar Zamora

Field Superintendent

Melisa Romero Garcia

Business Administrator | Marketing Director

Corina Romero

Safety Officer / Alpha Cleaning Solution LTD.